Hey, it's Sophie.

Welcome to my website, (I'm so glad you're here!)

Just a little bit about me.

The look on my face when I said "Holy $#!% how have I been doing this for a year???"

Hey, my name is Sophie and I'm a Brisbane based graphic designer, photographer and obsessive dog lover. At the end of 2020, despite having to study from home permanently, I somehow graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Graphic & Communication) from Queensland College of Art (Griffith University).
I've always lived in Brisbane, and went to Craigslea State High School where I first studied creative classes such as Graphics, Film and Television, and Dramatic Arts. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew I loved creating cool $#!% in Adobe and using my Wacom tablet whenever I could.
I started my own online business, formerly Lange Design Co, to originally display my work, with no clue that it would actually be profitable in the slightest. From there, I worked a lot on brand developments. A LOT. Ranging from all different industries, such as; hairdressing, beauty, writing, psychology, health and fitness, and fashion. There's probably more too. 
As well as managing my own clients, I now works as a Graphic Designer at Moreton Bay Media Group, working and running Australian Military Sticker Shop; King's Corporal. 

This photo is when I made my friend pull over to get a photo of me under a sign I did for Griffith and had no idea it actually got chosen.

This photo was taken 5 minutes after I came home from work and saw a package from Griffith University and all of North Lakes heard me squealing because my degree came in the mail.

Now that I've completed university, it's time for me to really focus on what I love doing the most, which is working within the creative industry abroad. I love everything creative arts from graphic design to photography, even the odd videography gig here and there is amazing! My passion is bringing people's ideas to life through visual communication across many aspects of design, and it certainly helps working in a print shop every day of the week! But I don't want my creativity to stop there, I want to let my creative flair flourish into the big wide world and make my mark in this ever-growing industry.
So let's get to work. Have you got something for me? 
Let's get in touch, I'm excited to meet you.

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